Eriksson Pile
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Key Features

  • All-in-one pile design software.
  • Capabilities include capacity analysis, reinforcement design, lifting and handling, and automated piece ticket generation.
  • Analyzes multiple pile geometries including round, square, & octagonal sections
  • Supports prestressed and mildly reinforced pile sections.
  • Facilitates design and capacity analysis using multiple shear reinforcement configurations including rebar ties and spiral wire.
  • Supports seismic shear design for multiple codes.
  • Provides grouted mild steel connection analysis.
  • Allows for both Ultimate and Service loading analysis.
  • Provides detailed pile capacity per most recent ACI, PCI, & AASHTO codes.

Eriksson Pile is a versatile tool that optimizes the process of precast pile reinforcement design and structural analysis.  Once deep foundations are designed, and the anticipated loads are established the individual precast piles must be designed to resist the expected loading. Eriksson Pile can be used to design both longitudinal and shear reinforcement, calculate the capacity of the pile design and compare to expected loading, design lifting and handling methods, and produce piece tickets for use in production.

Setting Eriksson Pile apart in the market is its unique ability to produce comprehensive piece tickets automatically with the option to add custom images or details. This compact and detailed sheet provides all necessary design information in a clear and accessible manner, a first in the industry. The software's integration capabilities allow for importing external CAD details directly into the production piece tickets, further enhancing its practicality. Eriksson Pile delivers a robust and user-friendly experience, equipping professionals with the means to confidently design, analyze, and document precast piles efficiently and effectively.

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Single User License


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