Eriksson Sync for Revit Webinar

July 29, 2020  |  11 A.M. EST

Eriksson Software will be hosting a joint webinar with Revit to showcase our new product, Eriksson Sync for Revit. We will be providing a walk through of the Sync and will show how it can assist engineers in their projects.

  • Review the current paradigm of reinforcing precast/prestressed concrete BIM models manually
  • Understand the new streamlined process of tightly integrating design and detailing with BIM modeling using our new Sync product
  • Assess workflow improvements realized by automating the process of reinforcing Revit precast concrete BIM models using Eriksson Sync
  • Learn how to measure the reduction in detailing errors and the savings in time (collectively, the metrics) that result from using Eriksson Sync
  • Understand the potential improvement in metrics in transitioning from a manual-based BIM reinforcement workflow to an automated, integrated workflow using Eriksson Sync
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