Eriksson Commercial Design Suite: $2,995/year

Eriksson Commercial includes Eriksson Wall, Beam, Connect, and Column. Use our state-of-the-art framework and analysis engine to design 

all of your precast components. Streamline the structural design process while lowering costs and improving the quality and productivity.

Eriksson Beam
A Better Way to Design Precast/Prestressed Beams

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New Features
  • Bulb T-Beams
  • Rebar 
    • Transverse bars supported 
    • Multiple Transverse Bar Shapes 
      • Closed Stirrups, U Bars, C bars, and Straight Bars 
    • Multiple Transverse Bar End Conditions 
      • Straight, 90 Degree Bends, 135 Degree Bends 
  • Mesh 
    • Support for mesh for longitudinal reinforcement and/or transverse reinforcement 
  • Bi-Linear deflection computation 
  • Staged loading for accurate deflections 
  • Split stages at cracking load 
  • Crack only part of the member 
  • Member shortening calculated for erection 
  • Creep and shrinkage effects accounted for 
  • Prestress axial shortening and flexure effects 

Key Features
  • Support for ACI 318 (-05 thru -18) and PCI Design Handbook (7th & 8th editions)
  • Supports standard shapes: double tees, inverted tees, spandrels and hollow core slabs
  • Asymmetrically-loaded sections, such as stadium risers
  • Polygon editor included for general cross sections
  • Non-composite and composite sections
  • Prestressing strand, mild rebar, and/or mesh
  • Strand patters can be draped or straight with debonding

Eriksson Beam allows the engineer to quickly analyze and design precast/prestressed concrete beams in accordance with ACI 318-. All types of horizontal precast members can be designed, including double tees, inverted tees, spandrels and hollow core slabs. Also included are sections that require a principal axis analysis, such as stadium risers. Reinforcement can be any combination of prestressing strand, rebar, and mesh. Multiple holes in both beam webs and decks can be modeled. A general purpose polygon editor is included for the design of unusual cross sections. 

Beam’s fast and accurate computational engine includes many advanced features, such as cracked sections, strain compatibility, concrete stress-strain curves, bi-axial bending, slender spandrels, and more. Output consists of a mix of text and graphs, allowing the user to quickly converge on a workable design. The one-page Performance Summary, along with the one-page Reinforcement Sketch can be used as a concise submittal package.  A 3D model is generated as a visualization tool to confirm your design.

Additional Features:

  • Start and stop reinforcement anywhere
  • Specify holes in both webs and decks, as well as solid zones in hollow core
  • Advanced analysis options include cracked section, strain compatibility, concrete stress-strain curves, biaxial bending, and slender spandrel
  • Comprehensive output: complete intermediate calculations and details of all analysis results
  • Concise output: Performance Summary + Design Summary
  • 3D visualizer: Accurate, flexible 3D rendering of all design details plus export capabilities

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