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You Asked, We Listened: A New Generation of Culvert Software

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LRFD 8th Edition ▪ AASHTOWare Connectivity ▪ Buoyancy Check ▪ Internal Pressure Head

Seismic Analysis ▪ Type I & II Culverts ▪ External Water Pressure ▪ Expanded Detailing Options

Eriksson Culvert is an update to ETCulvert with new features and enhanced functionality: a direct result of feedback from our users. 

Here at Eriksson Software, we truly believe that there is nothing more valuable than customer insight. We are motivated by consulting with our users and learning your design challenges, so that we can develop the right solution for you. 

Eriksson Culvert is a high-performance application that seamlessly combines the functionality of a state-of-the-art structural analysis engine with both fully-automatic design and analysis capabilities. Integration of the critical design tasks into one system means you get superior productivity, flexibility and improved quality control.

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In addition to new features, Eriksson Culvert transitions to a web based subscription similar to our Pipe, Beam, and Wall products. Web based subscription licensing provides our customers with greater flexibility and accessibility in using our software. We no longer charge a yearly maintenance fee; we now charge a yearly fee for a subscription to our software, which includes full technical support and all updates. 

Our new licensing method has two types of licenses: single user licenses and floating network licenses.

Single User License
Software can be installed on a single workstation. This license is tied to the workstation's hardware and cannot be shared with other users, and can only be moved to another machine after contacting us. This license is most suitable for mobile computers or single user/workstation setup.

Floating Network License
Software can be installed on a local area network. The license server keeps track of how many licenses are in use at one time. When an application using network licensing starts, it first checks to see if a network license is available to use. If so, a license is then checked out from the pool of licenses. When a user exits the application, the license gets checked back into the pool making it available to other users. 
This license is most suitable for companies with many (nonconcurrent) users.