Eriksson Sync
Integration of Design and BIM

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Key Features
  • Import any precast element from your BIM model into Eriksson Suite
  • Transfer reinforcement and lifters from Eriksson Suite back to your BIM model automatically
  • Associate Eriksson Suite design files with the corresponding elements in your BIM model
  • View and work with precast elements in bulk with the organized, efficient, spreadsheet-like form view
  • Built-in intelligence allows a specific design to be adapted to a group of similar elements

Eriksson Sync integrates Eriksson Suite (Eriksson Beam, Eriksson Wall, and Eriksson Column) with Tekla Structures and Revit. Now you can connect your engineering design process directly to your BIM models to save time and reduce errors. Support is included for virtually all precast member types including: double tees, inverted tees, L-beams, spandrels, rectangular beams, solid wall panels, sandwich panels, and rectangular columns.

Add reinforcement and lifting hardware to your BIM model in seconds—either on an element-by-element basis or in bulk by operating on multiple precast pieces at one time. Sync has the intelligence to adapt a specific design to each member of a group of elements even though there may be geometric variations from member to member. This enables you to, for example, group the wall panels in a structure into several groups of similar—but not exact—geometry, optimize a design for each group using Eriksson Wall and then apply the designs to their respective groups. Sync correctly handles the detailing of each piece in the group even though the geometry in the design file may not exactly match that of the model. In addition to populating the model with reinforcement, Sync can also pull the geometry and reinforcement from a BIM model and transfer it into a new or existing design file to jump start your design.

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