Eriksson Software Pricing

We offer multiple types of subscriptions; choose the option that best fits your needs. 

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​Single User License

Software can be installed on a single workstation. This license is tied to the workstation's hardware and cannot be shared with other users, and can only be moved to another machine after contacting us. This license is most suitable for mobile computers or single user/workstation setup.

Each engineer within your organization must obtain their own single user license. We offer tiered discounts when buying more than one license in the same purchase. Multi-user discounts are as follows:

2-5 Licenses: 10% Discount

6-10 Licenses: 15% Discount

11-20 Licenses: 20% Discount 

You must contact us to utilize the multi-user discount. 

Eriksson Beam


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Floating Network License

Software can be installed on a server. The license server keeps track

of how many licenses are in use at one time. When an application

using network licensing starts, it first checks to see if a network

license is available to use. If so, a license is then checked out from

the pool of licenses. When a user exits the application, the license

gets checked back into the pool making it available to other users.

This license is most suitable for companies with many

(non-concurrent) users.

Floating network licenses are priced based on the number of locations where the software will be used, and the number of engineers at each location. Additional seats can be added as needed. 

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Site License

Software can be installed on a maximum of four computers at a single location. This option is only available for our legacy products: ETPier

and PSBeam.



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All Eriksson Software products are licensed on a subscription basis. A subscription lasts for 12 months from the date of purchase and includes technical support and access to all updates. Upon expiration of a subscription, the license can be renewed for an additional 12 months of product updates and technical support services. No refunds are given after the license has been issued: potential users should utilize the 30-day free trial to ensure the software meets their needs prior to purchasing. Technical support is available throughout the trial period. 


Pricing and licensing terms are subject to change without notice.